Singer, actor, producer, Osvaldo Rios has invested many years of his life, over twenty, in the artistic world and now wants to establish himself as a producer. The proof? The successful reception given to the presentation of his first film "Elsa & Fred", the movie that opened the Miami Film Festival as a prelude to its world premiere.

On that occasion, dressed in elegant form, the artist moved along the carpet, looking forward with a broad smile on his face. The photographers flashes lit up his face and greetings from his fans created an emotional welcoming environment across the red carpet which stamped the seal of this important festival recently conducted here in Miami.

Rios was cordial with the local and foreign journalists who gathered in the exhibition hall at the Gusman Olympia Theather Center, the films presentation site, and since then, the artist maintains an active schedule rich in engagements giving interviews to the media. Days later, we took the opportunity to talk with the Puerto Rican actor, now a successful producer.

With such a long and successful career in television, theater and film, have you ever felt nervous at interviews?

Not at all!

Not even now that you're in Hollywood?

I've always thought that there are no indiscreet questions, but rather indiscreet answers. The work of the journalist is something I value and respect. I like to talk and respond to intelligent and interesting questions. I think that's why, even today, I'm pretty good at sharing with the public via a well executed journalistic interview, even now that I am acting in Hollywood and executive-producing, he said. Good interviews, when they are well made do not have nationalities and languages. Nor do they weigh on you, on the contrary, they flow.

Why enter the film industry in Hollywood: validation or wanting to open yourself up to a different path? 

It was a childhood dream that was very well analyzed for some time. It was not impulsive or improvised. Quite the contrary. I have had the support of my children in the process, and very important, honest, sincere and noble people, who I have cultivated over 25 years of artistic career worldwide. 

Osvaldo Rios and Christopher Plummer
I have been blessed in that my work as an actor has been seen in over 150 countries and translated into over 30 languages​​. That, coupled with artistic travel and working in different places, with producers, directors, and colleagues from different countries of the world, gave way to the executive producer and the artist I have become today.

Certainly the name of this talented artist is known in countries such as Spain, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, China, India, Malaysia and the United States. He is the protagonist of "Kassandra" the television series with the highest sales in the world in all Latin American history and the only actor in the region that appears in Guinness world book of records since 2001.

The whole movie

For Rios it's no longer as important to act, "as it is to produce, finance or tell a good story, no matter the language or country of origin, or the role I play in it. The important thing now is to tell a good story through the moving image that is the cinema. "

'Elsa & Fred' is the story of the beautiful and magical love that develops between two people of the third age, and how through that genuine love, they become young again.

What were the challenges posed to Elsa & Fred in wanting to bring it to the big screen? Were they achieved?

Well really the biggest challenge of presenting "Elsa & Fred", as I understand was the telling of a story that had already been very well done, written, acted and directed in the Spanish language to be adapted, directed and performed in English, filmed in New Orleans and with living legends such as Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer, among other great actors.

In addition, the director Michael Radfford, is quite a personality in the world of filmmaking taking into his credits films such as "The Merchant of Venice" with Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons. Also "Il Postino", the life of Pablo Neruda and his postman, winner of several international awards.

After a brief pause he continues "I am convinced that our story has all the elements that made the first very successful, but with the additional elements of this new version, in terms of the actors, director and producers who have worked on it and that make it very beautiful, unique, original, highly entertaining and accessible to the public. "

In that sense, all of our expectations and challenges were highly accomplished and fulfilled.

In his eagerness to be a complete artist, in 1997 he founded his television production company Riverside Entertainment Group and in 1999 his film production company Gira-Soles Group, Inc. with which he has made and starred in different works including miniseries, movies and documentaries.

There are several types of producers, and we know that this work varies depending on the size of the film.  In your case what did the role of Executive Producer of Elsa & Fred involve?

Well, actually Executive Producers do a bit of everything, as the film becomes our most precious investment, once finalized.

Osvaldo Rios and Shirley MacLaine
In the case of "Elsa & Fred", my biggest contribution to the film as Executive Producer, has been in the area of the ​​financial scheme and international investors. Besides working on the film as an Actor-I play Shirley MacLaine's dialysis Doctor in the story, as Executive Producer I also collaborate in the area of ​​international sales, distribution and marketing of this much loved and wanted project.

It really is a very beautiful movie. Go and see it! You'll love it!

Elsa & Fred The film opened the Festival and was filled with positive reviews. How did you find the experience of acting alongside actors of the caliber of Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer?

Working alongside two living legends, such as Ms. MacLaine and Mr. Plummer has been a magical and unforgettable experience. A lesson in humility and professionalism beyond imagining. I have known firsthand that the higher one comes to reaching their desired goal, the more humble one is. That's what I learned working with these two wonderful beings, and a Director full of sensitivity and warmth, as is Mr. Michael Radfford. Definitely, this is a childhood dream come true!

What were the three favorite sequences that remained with you in the film?

My three favorite sequences ... uuummmmmm .... let me see .... I like the whole must see it!

My favorite performances

Intelligent, genuine, simple, with an eternal smile on his face, and sensitivity are characteristics that have made an artist whose image is requested for the covers of newspapers and exclusive national and international journals. The answers he gives us perhaps can serve as a source of inspiration for many.

Because of the fact that there is no fixed salary, and solely depends on a role, is being an actor a beautiful or tiring job?

Osvaldo Rios in his role as Elsa's Doctor
 in Elsa and Fred
Being an actor is one of the most beautiful, sensitive, and respected professions that any human being can enjoy in his soul and in his skin. It is the socially accepted art of schizophrenia when we unfold and stop being us, to become the other, it is to be a child again, every second, every moment, enjoying the fun new
toy, which represents each character we interpret . "Being an actor is a privilege of the few, to which many aspire...

How did you see yourself 10 years before Hollywood came knocking?

Ten years ago I saw myself doing exactly what I'm doing right now ... Art .... Art ... and more Art!

Your most recent novel was in 2011 with The Triumph of Love, Is that going to be the cliché of 'his last novel'?

Not at all!

The telenovela made me known around the world, and gave me the opportunity to travel, meet, learn, and embark on what I am today. If there were a good story to tell, within the genre of the telenovela, I will gladly star...I repeat star.

Taking into account your entire career, could you tell me your three favorite performances?

My three favorite performances are "Luis David" and "Ignacio" in the story "Kassandra" made in Venezuela, and "Diego Blanco" in "La Viuda de Blanco" produced in Colombia. Also in that well remembered country "Alejandro de la Vega”, “El Zorro…La Espada y La Rosa."

Personal Life

The personal life of the artist is a ceaseless activity. Agendas filled with personal commitments and activities both at home and abroad. Planes, transfers, hotels make up the daily routine of these people, who sometimes are forced to sacrifice aspects of their individual environment. After leading a long career between lights and characters there are fundamental facts that can not be lost sight of in the world of entertainment.

How to deal with the pressure to look good every time you go out the door?

(Laughs) No, I do not live with that pressure. I stopped feeling that, much less living it, a long time ago. I think I dress and present myself as I am, as I woke up that day, it may be casual, sporty, stylish ... depending on what mood and character I wake in ... but yes, never naked (laughs)

Osvaldo says he is a person who loves to dress well all the time and of course be presentable for his public.

So how did you prepare for the red carpet, ie, are you a man of who pays attention to the little details: say wearing cufflinks or a ring, from a particular designer?

Well for a special occasion as was the function for "Elsa & Fred", for example, I like to be well dressed and presentable. I like to choose my wardrobe with time, and I'm buying little by little, not the same day, but thinking about the place and the occasion.

For this event I used a three-piece suit, in Irish linen, which I had made with a great tailor. The shirt and other accessories I searched for, until I found the comfortable yet elegant combination, keeping in mind that it was Miami, and the red carpet was at 6pm.

You've been around a lot in this business. What aspects of fame make you uncomfortable?

Fame is an unnecessary evil ... at least as I see it at this stage of my life, and even more in my career. However, I have learned to manage it quite relaxed and with humor even, when it comes to personal moments. Of course, with the time I spend on my kids I'm pretty jealous, and I usually ask people to understand me. They almost always do and respect those private moments. My own children take their photos, and make those moments fun and unforgettable. Otherwise, I love giving autographs, kisses and hugs to everyone who asks me ... hehehehehe! I have learned to let myself be loved! Hahahahahahaha!! Hence his effusive final call: Kisses and hugs for everyone!

Original Article (Spanish): CONFESIONES DE OSVALDO RIOS by Belkis Marcano

Osvaldo Rios and his son Giuliano. 
Photo: I-magen Entertainment

Miami, March 8, 2014 - (People en Español) In the film Elsa & Fred (Cuatro Plus Films / Defiant Pictures), Osvaldo Rios plays a doctor who cares for the health of a very particular old lady, played by Shirley MacLaine.

"Working with Shirley is a great life lesson. My respect for her, as the great living legend that she is, "he said of the actress. "Having her in front and to share with her was amazing. We had a lot of chemistry and affinity."

With regards to the film, which was presented on Friday during the opening of the Miami International Film Festival and opens in theaters in August, the Puerto Rican adds: "It talks about a subject that is rarely touched on, which is love in old age. There are many taboos with that. I feel that the director Michael Radford achieved a movie where the two main characters, both Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer, showed that it is never too late to be young again. "

He also says he is happy with his girlfriend of more than a year, the Cuban dancer and actress Taymi Olivera. "I am satisfied. I am calm. I value the peace and tranquility with which I am living, " said Rios, who that night was also accompanied by his son Giuliano, 24, from his relationship with Carmen Dominicci presenter, who also attended the premiere.

"I get along with all my exes," added the hearthrob, between laughs. He concludes that, like the characters in Elsa & Fred, "I love to see the last of my days."

The actor Osvaldo Rios entered the big screen on the right foot, thanks to Shirley MacLaine in the film Elsa & Fred, by becoming the doctor who is responsible for telling "Elsa" the actress' character, her health condition. 

The actor feels blessed for this opportunity. In an exclusive interview with Primera Hora, Osvaldo told us that before recording their scene, the actress had the courtesy to invite him to her motor home to go over the script. Osvaldo recognizes that it is a short but important scene. Having seen her serious health condition, she and "Fred" fall in love fast. 
"It's my first film as an actor(in Hollywood), I always wanted to work in the movies in a big way and it comes to me at the hands of important people like Oscar winners, Shirley MacLaine and Mr. Christoper Plummer,  in such a special story," said the handsome actor.

"Shot in New Orleans and Rome, Elsa & Fred is the remake of Argentine Film staring China Zorilla and directed by Marco Carnevale. Our debut Sold Out at the Miami International Film Festival. Present were the protagonists and who answered questions from the 3,000 people who attended. They had to make another hall available for the public who wanted to see it.  In the history of the Festival, this is the first time this has happened with a film. It is a good omen. The people, mostly North Americans, laughed, cried and enjoyed the story, it was a magical night and I'm very proud to have worked as executive producer, "said Osvaldo, revealing his other role in the film.

Osvaldo's work, apart from acting, was to be in charge of the financial scheme of the film, from incentives and getting people interested in investing. "It was a blessing to have worked as an actor, because you know costs, needs and everything you need to balance your accounts. Besides, I'm working on the marketing and promotion worldwide with the group Four Plus Films, which includes Nicholas Veinberg, Matthias Ehrenberg, Ricardo Kleinbaum and Jose Levy. They have given me a great opportunity, so we will do another production and I will not be in telenovelas. In Puerto Rico, Elsa & Fred will be seen in August or September. it is sold in the United States , Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe, "he said.

For director Michael Radford he has nothing but praise and told us that when he met him, Radford said: "I have not changed a single shot of the film. What is well done, is not changed.".
"Here you see the humility of a great man from whom there is a lot to learn," said Osvaldo.
As we talked, his son Giuliano, who is a sound engineer, was making breakfast. Alexander, the youngest, wants to be an actor and was dressed as a ninja. As for Osvaldo Gabriel, 13, he wants to be a lawyer and was at the film negotiations with Osvaldo: He is 13 with the mentality of a 30 year old! "I'm living a very beautiful moment and I'm proud of my children."

Article in PRIMERA HORA  By: Millie Cangiano

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Miami, March 10, 2014 - . (I- magen Entertainment Public Relations - www.i- ) - . the premiere of " Elsa & Fred " starring the legendary Oscar winners Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer , was a complete success. It premiered in the U.S. on the opening night of the Miami International Film Festival. With one hall completely sold out, another one had to be opened simultaneously due to demand. 

Actors Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer arrived, happy and on time on the red carpet, completely filled with the media at the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for Performing Arts , to enjoy the big premier.

Present from the cast and crew were : The director of the film,  Michael Radford, the producers of the same : Joseph Levy , Nicolas and Ricardo Kleinbaum Veinberg and actors Jared Gillman and Osvaldo Rios.

The big surprise of the evening was the presence of actress Anne Hathaway who attended the gala to support her colleagues.

The premier was the launch of the global campaign .

This film focuses on two elderly people who fall in love later in life , and is a new English language version of the 2005 hit  film - by Spanish Argentine Marcos Carnevale , " Elsa and Fred" . The film was positively received by this audience,  evident by how much the people enjoyed and applauded during its transmission.

" Elsa & Fred " which opened the 31st annual Miami International Film Festival , will run from 7 to 16 March. Co -starring Marcia Gay Harden , Scott Bakula , George Segal , Chris Noth and James Brolin, this " remake " was directed by British director Michael Radford , who has directed such films as "Il Postino " (The Postman ) , "The Merchant of Venice " ( The Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino) , among others.

The film features the participation of Jaime Camil and Osvaldo Rios, who also served as one of the executive producers of the same. 

The production was under Edward Saxon (The Silence of the Lambs) by Matthias Ehrenberg, Nicolas Veinberg, Ricardo Kleinbaum and Jose Levy. 

"Elsa and Fred" is the story of two people who, at the end of the road, discover that it's never too late for love and dreams come true. 

Cinema fans will be able to enjoy this masterful film very soon in theaters worldwide.

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